I’m a dad

We have two boys that continue to make our hearts grow more every day.  They aren’t as little as the above photo anymore but as they grow, so does our love for them. They are our greatest joy, biggest adventure, our most welcome challenge, our most important mark on the world, and what I am most proud of!  Our youngest, Liam, is a budding artist and photographer and our eldest, Braden, is a talented musician.  One of the best things about having kids is seeing things again for the first time through their eyes.  It is hilarious and fantastic the way they describe something for the first time (e.g. knee = elbow on my leg) and seeing their amazement in what we often take for granted.  It inspires me to try to see with fresh eyes and to not overlook the beauty in the little things.  At weddings, I also tend to capture great moments with kids.  They often have a hard time hiding their true feelings about what is going on during the day and that can be precious.