I’m Married

In 2002, I married my soul mate on the side of a mountain in Breckenridge.  Searching for our photographer was my first introduction to wedding photography.  Budget definitely was a leading factor in who we chose.  Unfortunately, we paid for our decision in other ways… mainly with important moments missed and important family portraits ruined.  Looking back, we had our budget mapped out, but didn't see the long term benefit of adjusting the budget to pay for the experience and quality that we risked loosing with the photographer.  Many years later, when I started out in the wedding industry, it was important to me to first gain the experience of working under other very talented, successful wedding photographers to gain skills and insight from their expertise.  I also worked for some “wedding mills” that churned out 200+ weddings a year, and while they were successful, there was a lot of learning about what not to do. While my style has changed a bit and I've grown as a photographer, much of what I do is a result of those years of learning.

After we were married, the adventure began!  We've lived in four different states and on a small Caribbean island, and eventually made it back to our home… Colorado.  We love traveling, good food, wine, dancing, and movies.  After over a decade of being married to my best friend, we have become parents to two wonderful boys, grown as a couple and as individuals, and we still love being together as much as possible.