You've probably thought about how important photos are.  You've heard that after the flowers wilt and the music is over, you'll have your spouse, a ring on your finger, and photos.  Sometimes though, the importance of portraits and contrived recreated Pinterest images become over inflated.  Years from now, what will bring a tear to your eye and what you'll want to show your children are the moments, those are the priceless images that you will hold more dear.  Not those shots of you staring off together looking like supermodels.  We'll get those too, though! 

I met Matthew at a Vendor show and I can say that getting his card that day was one of the best things I did for my wedding. I have been told by a number of brides that if there is one thing that you want to spend money on, it’s the photos. Matthew prices were comparable to most photographers I had reviewed, but his photos are worth so much more. My husband and I are not people who like to pose and standstill for very long, we wanted our photographer to capture the moments that we so quickly forgot about! From the first to the very last photo, I loved them all! Matthew thought of things I would never thought of. He truly saw what Nathan and I were about, what we loved, and he captured that. It’s amazing how fast your wedding day goes, but knowing that Matthew and his team captured all those moments means so much to me. It’s funny how many people complemented the professionalism and the overall personality of Matthew and his team. Although they were there taking pictures you never felt overwhelmed or that you had to take a photo. I honestly could go on and on about Matthew and his team, but I think his work speaks for itself. AMAZING!!
— Ann + Nathan

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