You've probably thought about how important photos are.  You've heard that after the flowers wilt and the music is over, you'll have your spouse, a ring on your finger, and photos.  Sometimes though, the importance of portraits and contrived recreated Pinterest images become over inflated.  Years from now, what will bring a tear to your eye and what you'll want to show your children are the moments.  The kiss grandma gives you right after the standard formal portrait, dancing with your parents, your friends' crazy antics, the tears of joy, the laughs, dance floor insanity, and that spontaneous thing your new husband or wife did when they became overwhelmed with love for you… those are the priceless images that you will hold more dear.  Not those shots of you staring off together looking like supermodels.  We'll get those too, though! 

The above quote is absolutely a terrific vision for what you do. You’re completely right: what we’ve talked about since the wedding are the small little things that happened through the day, and I’m sure you will be right, that 50 years from now we’ll love seeing pictures of those things, not just looking back and seeing how cute we were ; ) You are a unique artist, and I’m so happy that you were our artist of the day.
— Ann + Nathan